See every detail

When performing precision tasks such as watchmaking, jewellery making or dentistry, the ability to distinguish every detail is of the utmost importance. This means the quality of illumination is particularly critical. In applications like these, Parhelion provides the crisp, high-quality white light needed to get the best results every time.

Information about this solution

By incorporating Parhelion’s LDG modules, manufacturers can create a variety of precision lighting products with “LDG Inside”, including spotlights, task lights and retrofit lamps such as the popular MR16. The unprecedented flexibility of LDG lighting allows the colour spectrum and light distribution of LDG-based products to be tailored to meet the needs of different precision tasks.

Benefits for precision workers
Optimal focus

We know that precision tasks call for total concentration. Our LDG modules provide daylight-quality white light and crisp shadows, enabling visibility of even the smallest details. 

Homogeneous beam

LDG modules produce a consistent beam of high quality, flicker-free light, minimising eye fatigue when conducting precision tasks over a long period.

Healthy working environment

Powerful lights can make workplaces uncomfortably hot. The low heat emission of  Parhelion lighting makes for a healthier environment.

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