When only the best light will do

By incorporating Parhelion’s LDG modules, manufacturers can create a variety of retail lighting products with “LDG Inside”, including spotlights, downlights and retrofit lamps such as the popular MR16. The unprecedented flexibility of LDG lighting allows the colour spectrum and light distribution of LDG-based products to be tailored to meet the needs of different kinds of retailers.

Energy efficiency Daylight quality Reliable consistency
Energy efficiency

At 180+ lumens per watt, LDG lighting reaches new heights of energy efficiency, outperforming LED and cutting lighting costs.

Daylight quality

In retail, first impressions count. With a colour-rendering index of 96+, Parhelion’s crisp white light shows the colours of products beautifully. 

Reliable consistency

Our laser-based LDG modules have a long lifespan with minimal degradation, staying consistent in brightness and colour.

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Parhelion’s LDG solution provides the high-quality light that is vital to make products look their best and maximise sales.

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