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Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues compete by providing the best possible environment and surroundings. Great lighting is one of the key factors that makes hospitality settings feel welcoming, comfortable and beautiful. That’s where high-quality LDG illumination comes in.

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By incorporating Parhelion’s LDG modules, manufacturers can create a variety of hospitality lighting products with “LDG Inside”, including spotlights, reading lights and retrofit lamps such as the popular MR16. The unprecedented flexibility of LDG lighting allows the colour spectrum and light distribution of LDG-based products to be tailored to meet the needs of each hospitality application.

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Setting the mood Retrofit application Reduced energy consumption
Setting the mood

With their superior quality and dimmability, Parhelion LDG modules produce light that feels natural and creates atmosphere.

Retrofit applications

Our white light LDG module is compact enough to be integrated into existing form factors such as the popular MR16 lamp.

Reduced energy consumption

With luminous efficacy of 180+ lumens per watt, Parhelion lighting significantly outperforms LED, slashing energy consumption.

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Using LDG reduces both energy and maintenance costs, whilst maintaining our unique atmosphere.

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