A new lighting technology: Laser Diffraction Grating

Or in short, LDG®. The laser-enabled lighting technology of the future. Exited about this versatile lighting technology platform? Here you can read more about its first applications.

LDG lighting technology

LDG is a new lighting technology platform providing many benefits for different applications just like any other lighting technology. It is using laser as a light source with very specific and unique benefits for its various lighting applications. 

In additional to General lighting, four other LDG applications are explained in more detail below.


The LDG StripeLight is intended to provide additional functionality to first responders. It is designed with firefighters in mind and the extreme environments they work in. The shape, location and  operation of controls were modelled for attaching to fire rescue clothing and for use while wearing heavy protective gloves. Both the LED and LDG are solid-state technologies to resist shock and provide long life. The lamp is energy efficient to permit up to 8 hours of continuous operation on a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery pack.

Group 2
Key benefits
See smoke flow plane
Keeps eyes acclimatised to darkness
Demarcates objects and victims
Two torches combined in one
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Emergency lighting

Use LDG to increase visibility in case of smoke or fire. It makes it easier to escape in corridors and to mark the exit. It also demarcates objects and penetrates the typical smoke blanket that blocks traditional emergency lighting. It does not have that disorienting effect most emergency lighting solutions have.

Grow lighting

LDG helps you to save energy, reduce heat, stimulate plant growth, whilst giving high luminance from a tiny surface. Less heat, so also ideal for innovative growing solutions like vertical farming.

Firefly LDH

Firefly LDH® Emerald is State of the Art Lighting: a personal, portable laser lamp. LDH stands for laser dodecahedron, referring to the shape. Firefly, the world's first portable laser lamp. 

Unlike everyday incandescent light, which pools around the bulb and weakens across space, laser light can beam a hundred feet. Each little Firefly dot is its own source of light. When compared to a common 4 watt LED nightlight, the Firefly produces better light, better coverage at less than half the power usage. 

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