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Laser-based lighting is the next revolution in lighting, and Parhelion is driving it. Our futureproof technology platform harnesses the power of laser diffraction grating (LDG), which we believe is the most significant lighting innovation in more than half a century. LDG’s unique benefits include beautiful, crisp white light and new heights of energy efficiency. Parhelion is the first company to apply this groundbreaking technology to real-life illumination solutions.

All Parhelion products are based on our proprietary laser-based LDG lighting modules. The combination of a tiny light-emitting surface and controllable diffraction grating technology makes it possible to create a superior lighting solution for numerous applications. With our laser-based light source, exceptional performance comes as standard, with low heat emission, minimal degredation, no flicker, and efficacy that significantly outperforms LED.Parhelion laser-based LDG lighting offers exceptionally vivid colours, crisp shadows and no UV. Although the potential solutions are countless, applications include museums, hospitality, luxury retail and precision lighting applications. The unprecedented controllability of our light source also allows us to create modules and solutions with alternative colours and beam shapes, which can achieve exceptional visibility in smoky, foggy or underwater conditions.Parhelion strives to create the best possible light for your product or application. Whether you’re looking to integrate Parhelion laser-based lighting modules into white light retrofit spots and luminaires, or you’re seeking a solution that benefits from the specific light properties of LDG, our team is here for you.

About us

Parhelion is passionate about light. We aim to improve life with laser-based lighting solutions that use less energy and show the world in its true colours. The exceptional qualities of laser combined with our proprietary technology allow us to create the ideal illumination solution for a wide range of applications. We bring you the highest quality lighting, with a unique set of benefits. Welcome to the next lighting revolution.

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Meet the team

Richard Redpath, Co-founder and CTO

Richard has more than 20 years of experience in laser light technologies and is the inventor of a number of key laser technologies.

A teenage Richard was inspired by Star Wars to pursue the science of lasers and holography. He studied at Carnegie Mellon University, where he worked on using lasers to help robots navigate.

Together with his twin brother Jim, he developed the laser diffraction grating (LDG) technology that is at the heart of Parhelion’s solutions.

James Redpath, Co-founder and COO

Jim has worked as a researcher for Stanford University and DARPA, the US Department of Defense’s advanced projects agency. He has a track record of establishing IT systems, and translating engineering to manufactured products.

Jim worked with Richard to create the laser diffraction grating (LDG) technology that is at the heart of Parhelion’s solutions, focusing on R&D, prototyping, operations and production.

Erik Wellen, CEO

Erik joined Parhelion as CEO in 2014. He graduated in law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1998 and later completed an MBA. 

Erik is a serial entrepreneur, market maker and branding expert. With his extensive board-level expertise in sales and marketing at IT and tech companies, he quickly saw the disruptive potential of Parhelion’s LDG technology.